Need some help with built-in keyboard

I have created a custom keyboard. I’m having a problem with loading the calling button press attributes. I see the following in the built-in code when using normal keyboard.
//Assign loadpageid.val and loadcmpid.val before call this page.
Can anyone shed some light on this? Nothing seems to work when attempting load values from the calling button press. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I use a custom numberpad, but the technique works for any keyboard page.

When a page is activated (my app has 25 pages), this code is sent from the page preinitialization event: pageNumberPad.vaPageCaller.val=dp

When a textbox or number is touched, the following is sent:

pageNumberPad.va0.val=648 // EEPROM address to store the result and also serves as the id of the caller component
cov n52.val,pageNumberPad.t0.txt,0 // Convert the value of the number field to text
pageNumberPad.vaDecimal.val=0 // Determines whether or not it’s floating point
pageNumberPad.vaMinus.val=0 // Determines whether or not negative values are valid
pageNumberPad.vaTxtLength.val=6 // Limits the total characters in order for the result to fit in 8 bytes
page pageNumberPad // Open the number pad.

Note: The preinitialization event for pageNumberPad is only 1389 lines :smiley:

Thank you “elf”, I will give it a go. Much appreciated :slight_smile: