My Experience With Nextion Support

I just want to prove my credentials with the group. I’ve had some piss fights with Patrick and Gerry in the Nextion Forum ( and many worse behind the scenes. Like many here I think, I am a designer for a commercial company and design stuff that could potentially use a lot of these displays. I just can’t believe this companies attitude. I’m used to working with the slightly quirky but always friendly and professional Chinese tech world. Nextion are on a different planet. SO, it was a thrill to discover unofficialNextion, many other angry would-be-fans, and most of all info on the mystical entity known as TJC. So happy to be here!

Welcome. We feel your pain, we’ve all been through it, that’s why we’re here. There are some great folks on this forum so ask away and we’ll all try and pitch in to assist.

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I wouldn’t even bother asking a question on the Nextion site.

That guy Patrick would certainly get his lights knocked out if he ever spoke to anyone face to face like he does when people ask him questions. I never come across anyone so rude and arrogant as him and it’s our money that pays for his life style. Why anyone would talk to their customers like that is beyond comprehension.

I couldn’t agree more. It’s so strange. You’d think he didn’t want to sell anything.

It is so strange. I never talk with them before. But I know some guy in TJC company, I think they are much better. If you have any technique issue, I can ask the tecnique guy in China.


@daninter I’d ask you who your contact at TJC is so we can go straight to him. But that might give Patrick ammunition to complain to TJC and we don’t want that!

Usually I just talk with them randomly with some one because I speak Chinese. I do not know if they will answer questions in English.

You might suggest TJC contact Nextion about how Patrick and others are souring their overall product.