Mirroring Nextion Display to Simulator

Does anyone know of a way to mirror from a hardware display to the Nextion simulator?

I am in the works of making tutorials and product demo videos for end-users. I’m currently using screen capture software of the debug display. Doing it this way does not allow for live video interleaved with a superimposed display. It would be incredibly helpful to have the simulator mirror exactly what is happening without having to use a mouse or a touchscreen that is not part of the device.

Thanks in advance!

I wonder if something like hub4com (part of the com4com package) would work. The examples provided demonstrate how to use a single GPS device to connect to several applications. It allows you to split serial traffic coming in from a device (like whatever is controlling your Nextion) out to multiple serial ports (like your Nextion and also the simulator). It can also redirect input from one of those output devices (say, the simulator) and send it back to the shared device.

I haven’t tested any of this but it looks like it might work.

Thanks for the reply!
I was more looking something to clone touch inputs and interactions. The serial commands are easy enough to duplicate. I think I will just need to create a separate HMI file that sends interaction to the simulator.