MicroSD Card Lifetime


I am currently working on a project where I use the filestream component of the Nextion Intelligent module.

I use it to write and read values that the Arduino Mega uses in its program.

My Issue is that I have a counter that shows on the Nextion the number of times that a button was pressed.

This value must be saved so that it is not lost when powering off.

But I fear that if I will rewrite the value of the counter on the MicroSD (where I am currently saving the Value of the counter) that the MicroSD won’t last very long since it has limited write cycles.

Does the Nextion always write the values to the same Bytes or does it change the Bytes where the file is saved (like on a PC) to extend the lifetime of the MicroSD?

If not, what would be a good solution to save these Values and not having to replace the MicroSD regularly.

Thanks a lot in advance and sorry if there are errors in my Post, since it is my first time posting.

I am also interested in this question :rofl: