mediaConsole - The new way of expressing your love to your Nextion Intelligent 7.0'

K so this is my second post, wanted to make some advert.
So I am making an OS called mediaConsole. Beautiful, customizable in almost everyway!
Text/Video/Picture viewer! Beautiful interface, alarm/stopwatch/timer! Everything you need! And the best…
Connect your arduino to the nextion, connect ur bike sensors modify my code a little bit and voila! U have a working tablet which can also be as a dashboard for ur bike!
Cool setup screen (apple alike, greets with different languages!). Open to be modified (no bitchy close sourcing here {cough} nex {cough} tion).

More info: -> MEDIACONSOLE
Or if the main website doesn’t open ->


No, I wasn’t doing nothing this times, if y have the discord, you know what progress has the os come to.

Here is what happened…

  1. mediaConsole OS was renamed to mdOS
  2. A LOT of new features were added
  3. After the 100th version the versioning was finally made logical (1.0 - 1.1 etc.)

Here is the download of the current version (not uploading to the website yet, need to finalize the ota updating using consoleSync):

Hehe, discord servers.