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MCU Return window

In the 1.60 editor’s Debug Simulator there is a window called MCU Return, that is “blued” out. I’m assuming that this is to simulate serial data coming back to the NX panel from the MCU. How do I “unblue” it? If I could use it, do I use the ucopy instruction to read it?

This is only active when you connect your MCU via a serial port to the editor. Then this window becomes active and allows you to see what your MCU sends back to the virtual Nextion in the simulator.
This his helpful for debugging the MCU side Code and to check the correct interaction between MCU and Nextion.

If I could only get the serial TTL board working in my Win10 virtual machine to do this!! Arg!!

Thanks for the response. In the lower left of the Debug simulator window, there are 2 radio buttons: Keyboard Input, and User MCU Input. What you describe sounds like the way I’d expect the latter to operate. It seems like with the (default) Keyboard Input chosen, entering characters from the PC keyboard should put those in the MCU Return window, and available to my code in the panel. Has anyone mastered that?

Hi Don
i am also facing the blued” out problem of getting option of Keyboard Input, and User MCU Input even after connecting the MCU via serial port using TTL level board.

Can guide me how solve this problem.

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