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Mapping out connector J2 on Basic

On each TJC/Nextion basic panel is a set of 5 pads labeled J2. Nextion has always been cagey about these pads and tend to delete any posts mentioning them (it’s something of a theme with them). Here’s what they look like:

For reference, here’s the STM32


These pads are used to flash the STM32 processor via Serial Wire Debug

Tracing the paths, here’s what we can see:

1 2 3 4 5

I was just wondering where those went and if they could be used. I guess they can’t. thanks for sharing it!

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Well they can be used, for STM32 SWD. Probably not useful in your projects, but it is very helpful if you’re digging into how the Nextion works behind the scenes.

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