Loving the new firmware update

Been developing my little project for a while that uses just the screen and the add on IO board for input of coins and PWM the payout server for coding the fruit machine. I had to invent some tricky coding technics to make the Nextion screen be the only brains in this project. The machine fundamentally works, I just need to clean up and add more graphics.All going well up until the resent firmware update a couple of months ago. Where the main background screen was just random pixels, and i could not resolve it. However my reel spin graphics had been greatly improved without flicker . Today after a couple of emails from this group prompted me to check if the main screen issue has been resolved with a new update. And yes well done Nextion for the brilliant update.Everything now works so much like the how it looks in the emulator. I only now have one issue to resolve.
The coin acceptor is a LED cut beam sensor . But sometimes the Nextion does not sense the coin. My theory is that the pulse is to short. I have made a ramp rather than a drop to slow the coin as much as possible to get a longer pulse. But it still sometimes does not register. I suspect that the input I/O of the Nextion add on board is being denounced or/and polled rather than pulse interrupt driven. I have purchased a pulse stretcher module. But the shortest time i can stretch it to is 1 second. So if some one manages to put 2 coins in within a second it will register only one. I hope Nextion read this and improve the pulse detection in the next firmware. So that we can chose interupt driven pulse or debounce switch input for it’s I/O.