Looking for higher brightness screen

Currently own a 7in enhanced display. I have spent many hours creating a can bus based GUI for a vehicle. However I completely overlooked the brightness the screen provides, according to the datsheet it only provides 250 nits.

So my question to the users out their is that has anyone successfully upgraded there 7in display and keep touchscreen to 500nits or above. I have seen this video on YouTube but no diy post or if touchscreen still works.

I don’t think the driver on the PCB does support the current you need for a display with higher brightness.
I will go away from nextion (already bought thousands of it) because of the brightness and quality.

Patrick would ask, “why the f**k would you want to use it outside anyway? That’s just stupid.”

Our response as customers: “because it’s a business critical need.”

He just doesn’t get it…

You say you would go away with nextion, but what are you using alternatively?

Also found some info that people where able to use Riverdi screen panels. However, was not able to find the model/modification needed to work with the nextion pcb.

Here’s another link to a 1000 nit display. It has the same physical form factor and 50 pin. However it is missing the smaller 4 pin that the enhanced 7 in nextion display has. I believe the 4 pin connector is for the touch screen.


This thread https://www.reddit.com/r/arduino/comments/8gvagd/can_anyone_suggest_a_sunlight_readable_display/?sort=new
links to this product:

Note it’s not a touchscreen version, but one is available.

I have messaged the guy in the car video above before, he replaced the screen with one that his techy friend got for him from china. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know any specs of the screen, or where to get one.

I would like to be able to use a sunlight readable screen for motorcycle dashboards. I started working on the nextion because I couldn’t find a GUI screen designer for any other screens, and I don’t have the time or the skills to manually code a display. With all it’s quirks, the Nextion is still probably the easiest way I have found to create a good looking HMI display.

IF anyone successfully swaps a daylight screen, It would be great if they share the info here.

To add some technical background:

  1. Touch screens have always a little less brightness than without touch because the touch layer absorbs some of it. On a motorcycle, is the touch functionality really required? If not, a bright display without touch might be a better solution. You might hire someone to do the interface development for you. It’s not rocket science - many libraries for Arduino and other MCUs exist.

  2. The brightness of a LCD panel comes from the backlight. More backlight means higher current consumption and requires more power from the backlight PWM driver IC.

  3. More brightness alone doesn’t increase readability of the screen under difficult ambient light conditions. The LCD panel has also to provide a higher contrast in order to benefit from the additional brightness. Higher contrast means often slower rendering.

To make it short: In most cases, you can not simply switch the display without taking care of its peripherals, which in our case are on the Nextion board behind the panel.

If you want optimal contrast under all ambient light conditions, an OLED display as you can find it for example in the Apple watch and in some hi-end smartphones might be a better solution for you.