Library for Teensy

Is there a library for Teensy? I’m running out of SRAM with my arduino nano and am looking to move over to teensy. Wondering how easy it would be to convert my current code over.

It’s really easy.
Don’t use a library, write your own code to send and receive from the HMI.
You can continue using the Nano then.

Teensy specific questions are best asked on the PJRC (Teensy) Forum ;

What does the code look like for reading button presses from nextion to nano?

Currently the library Creates interrupts I believe when a button or hotspot is pressed and then I have serial read that reads the data.

The library doesn’t create interrupts, the NexListenList is polling the Serial input and launching callback functions, that’s all. Basically, the “official” Library 0.9 from Nextion’s GitHub should work on every Teensy without any problem after setting the correct #defines for the used Serials.

I know it’s some time since this was active, but to say that I have just developed a Nextion Library that I use with the Teensy. The Library can be found here.