Keyboard - Touch/Release Event

Hi all,

I have been using the inbuilt Nextion Keyboards (both full qwerty & numeric) for some time.
However I am trying to find a solution (without creating a new keyboard) so that when a user presses enter on the keyboard, it triggers a function to save the parameters on screen to the external CPU.

Currently to achieve this I have a save button on screen that has to be pressed once data entry on the keyboard is complete, this is due to the fact that Touch Release Events only apply to the button and not the keyboard.

Put a timer with 500ms interval on the page. Compare the content of the numeric or text field to previously initialized numeric or text variables. If different, send the data to the external MCU.

Great solution Fjodor and it works perfectly!
I used a global variable to capture the current state and do a compare with the text field every 500mS, if there is a change it sends it to the external MCU and then saves that value as the new variable.

Am I missing something? Why not put that code in the Enter/OK button release event? You can edit the system keyboard and its buttons. Just right click the page and select “unlock”. So you can actually extend and modify it as you like.

Kind regards,

Thanks Max!
Often the most simple solutions are in plain sight, I completely overlooked this due to that padlock!!