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Interest in brighter screens

I’ve figured out a way to use considerably brighter screens (I’ve measured 1500nit) in the Nextion 7" displays but sourcing the LCDs is tough as most suppliers want bulk orders. Wanted to gauge the interest- I’m happy to share the process here or sell already-modified screens, but I don’t want to commit to buying a ton of LCDs if I can’t offload them eventually.

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I would be interested!

I guess interest would be higher if you were willing to share some more details about the process. An additional benefit would be that even if there’s not enough interest now, other people could do a bulk order at a later point in time or maybe find other screens that work as well and don’t need to be ordered in large quantities.

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I would be interested if you would share the process, I have some projects that I want to use outdoors and therefore need a brighter screen. I’ve looked at a lot of other screens and found that there are some that can be ordered in a sample order of one piece and have a good backlight for outdoor use (up to 1200nit). For example, DWIN or STONE.

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