I'm trying to build a Graph


Hi good subject, I have the same need
I usée esphome and the protocol is not clear
Please anybody send the necessary command line

What have you tried so far? Do you have anything setup in the editor? It’d help us help you if you could provide some details about what you’ve done and what your goal is.

edit: I think I might have just been talking to you in the ESPhome chat. Here’s what we came up with in case anyone else stumbles on this:

ESPhome docs for Nextion in general
Nextion Instruction Set, search for “waveform”
Nextion ESPhome commands

Example for adding the data point “45” to channel “1” on a waveform with Nextion ObjectID “3”.

lambda: it.add_waveform_data(3,1,45)

Thank you very much as well as your real time help in the esphome discord.
It works perfectly

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