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I was scammed by Nextion, and how Nextion dont want you to know about it!

Hi Some of you already know me as Im a regular on the Discord for this little community…
But for those that dont know me. Im Mangy Dog, Im a maker and a UI developer whos been on the scene for a good number of years now…

While far from a top level expert I do know a thing or two about electronics, I also run a blossoming you tube channel that follows my projects, which you can find here…

I have worked freelance for custom UI design and hardware creation, so when I come into a topic like this I know what I’m talking about…

I’m also very experienced with Nextion displays and how they work… most of the time…

So I hope you can accept what Im about to say as a professional who knows his stuff…

I’ve been scammed by Nextion and so have you, and they dont want you to know about it…

So here’s the thing. My grievance with nextion is not new… I first started playing with some nextion panels as far back as 2016… It was soon after Nextion did there kickstarter.

And the displays and concept were for the most part not too bad… Not amazing but achieved most of what it set out to do… which was provide a way to make UIs quickly.

But it became apparent to me that things were not great from pretty early on. I would regularly find bugs or issues with the system. Objects would not render correctly and features you would expect in a UI design are not implemented. Such as spawning objects at run time or being able to animate object locations.

Each and every time I would make a post in the tech support forum at the nextion site a “user” Patrick who at the time claimed was not a staff member but just another user like us all would regularly shoot down any negative comment about the display. Heres the thing. As we all know now, Patrick is the owner/front for Nextion, the west distribution for these TJC displays. The exsact details of the relationship between Nextion and TJC is still not entirely clear, but lets just go with what we know. Patrick runs Nextion and has done from the start.

But for a long time he posed as a member of the public and would often defame people who would raise any issues they found with the displays.

This should firstly start off to show the kind of person Patrick is… Dishonest.

As it has been noticed already he regularly comes here and poses as other regular people and tries to even incriminate other members here… Really this guy can not be trusted.

So now I say I have been scammed, and so have you… Heres how… In particularly the 2.8 inch Basic display, which is a rather popular model.

(I cant say for the other models, as as this is all I’ve used)

I moved away from nextion after all the BS from Patrick in the official nextion forums, but I ended up using one of the displays in a prop project of mine. The Unused Voyager Tricorder… I had the unit lying around doing nothing so I decided to use it in this prop. And it served its purpose… I only needed to run some basic animated timed loops of UI elements flashing over graphics i have prepared… This was using the version of the model still currently shown on the shop site.

Note the most obvious thing about this is the small side mounted ribbon cable…

Now we have all known for a while now that Nextion is a western front for TJC, so I cant entirely say I’m surprised this has happened. But it is still dishonest and selling misrepresented items, so this is still a scam under any legal definitions…

For a while this 2.8 inch model differed from the TJC variant.

You can clearly see the differences here… One most notable difference is the quality of the LCD panel used.
While certainly not a IPS display, the original LCD used in the old nextion display I had did have a reasonable viewing angle range. Not the best but not the worst either…

Where as the TJC display had viewing angles of LCDs from the mid 90s… Truly terrible.

However it seems Nextion had changed the 2.8 inch display and are now completely identical to the TJC display

Sadly this includes the terrible viewing angles…
I have uploaded a video comparing the old nextion display in my prop to the one I recently received.

Why is this a scam? I still have a 2.8 inch display. Yes I do… But I do not have the 2.8 inch display I was led to believe I was ordering. This is dishonest. At some point TJC/Nextion have drastically lowered the quality of there product but kept the price up, doing this without telling anyone, yet again dishonest. Selling goods via deception.

They still show the model I previously used in the description of the sales website.

If i sold you a laptop that was touted as having a 4k IPS display, but only fitted a 4K TN panel youll be screaming the house down… This is basically what Nextion has done.

I in fact today made a polite post about it on the Official nextion forums. Luckily some one took a screen grab of it…

I am not rude or impolite, just stating the simple fact of the matter…
I say I’m lucky some one took a screen grab because, about an hour after I posted, my nextion forum account was banned and the post deleted.

Nextion are now out right scamming its uses by selling inferior products than what they claim to be selling. And they ban and delete posts of anyone trying to speak up about it.

I honestly dont know what else to say.

Im not going to tell you not to buy TJC or Nextion displays. Personally I more for advocating reverse engineering and improving the things as an open source community led project. That way us as the users can pick and choose the quality of components we want in our projects based out our needs and budget. And not rely on the lottery of quality fade from some very dishonest and unscrupulous people.

The TJC/Nextion project is great in principle and concept. Shame the people behind it are not.


“Quality fade” is a serious problem when you don’t control the supply chain. Nextion and their partners TJC appear to have full control over this product, meaning they’re intentionally reducing the quality of the parts they are selling while keeping the price the same, and hoping you don’t notice.

We’re all being scammed by Nextion.

This is dishonest in the extreme, but is sadly 100% in-line with previous interactions from the folks at Nextion.

What would be a good alternative to these screen’s

honestly right now not sure… there isnt a direct comparison on the market. which is why i would like to consider making an open source project… one that looks at the nextion idea and expand on it but with out being total arse hats about it…

there are other UI and display options for embedded hardware, I personally love ftdi EVE graphics co processors… but theres a bigger learning curve and its much more programming based. The concept of an easy to use UI interface with an IDE and simple serial communication between host and display, for fast UI design and prototyping, other than nextion isnt out there… :confused:


wow, i did the same experience with 3.2 Inch Displays.
Lets say i have a graphic with a color gradient.
The old display look was nice and had a better “flow”.
Newer displays can not show this “flow” of the color as nice as the older ones.
Postet at Nextion Forum = Kick, Ban and post deleted.

It’s a pain in the ass with the guys from Nextion forum.

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I switched from Nextion to FYU (they only have 4.3 inch available even tho in the IDE there are more) … I want only 4.3 inch, and I change the LCD as they are really rubbish
There are some advantages

  1. FYU has a 16 volt LED supply and Nextion has only 14.5 (or so). My Riverdi screen needs 15-17 V
  2. FYU works ar four times the baud rate
  3. size does matter … the board is not much larger than the screen itself

@izi_rider Cool! That’s a way to salvage the good parts, just a shame to ditch the useless screen. Which compatible Riverdi screen are you using?

Does the FYU editor support anti-aliased fonts? Last time I checked it was B/W only.

nope… there is no progress with fonts
the screen is RVT43ATBNWN00 (no touch)

the version with resistive touch would be RVT43ATBNWR00

I begin use TJC panel 4 years ago. But have not update information for 3 years. So I did not notice this problem.

I know another vendor in China who made usart hmi panel, Dacai, but have no chance to try it. Maybe I will buy a panel and test it later.

The good news is their software has english version. The bad new is the docmument is all in Chinese.

I know another vendor in China who made usart hmi panel, Dacai, but have no chance to try it. Maybe I will buy a panel and test it later.

The good news is their software has english version. The bad new is the docmument is all in Chinese.

The Dacai HMIs are easy to find;

But can you please provide a link for the software?

You can seen my blog here. I made a link for software download.

The STONE hmi display manufacturer’s editor has more development space to use. This is the software I use to edit the background

Before this, I did some projects with nextion. This is a video of the project made with STONELCD. STONE LCD display is the same as nextion display, with additional functions, such as stone display can play video and flash with usb flash. I think it contains more possibilities. The official website has detailed information and introduction: [ ]

If there’s a legitimate Nextion replacement with easy to use GUI dev environment, people will migrate away from Nextion in large part due to the poor customer service by their online support. (Patrick and others). I will for sure.

I don’t know if that’s an optimal attitude. In many cases, arguments are made here on a very personal level, and injured pride or offended vanity sometimes seems to obstruct the view of the essential.

In the last 4 years I have been in charge of several industrial projects in Eastern Europe, where Nextion HMIs were used in combination with various MCUs. Both engineers and developers have repeatedly confirmed to me that the documentation (Editor Guide and Instruction Set) is comprehensive and understandable, so that prototypes and smaller product series could be completed in the shortest possible time. There was no need to contact support or the forum.

Therefore I would like to ask the question to all of you here: what is your background and qualification? Are you rather active in the hardware or software sector? In which industrial sector? What is your education, technician or engineer? I would like to understand why whole teams in different industries are very satisfied with this product, while other people not only seem to have difficulties with it, but also get into trouble with theIr forum admins…

My post and this thread is most definitely not because of my hurt pride. i have clearly indicated the quality drop in nextion. And nextions own actions on there own forum regarding this has time and time again shown them to be a untrustworthy bunch at best.

You say many engineers use nextion in industrial equipment? Honestly I find that difficult to believe. I would never trust using nextion in any real hardware. its only good for mockups if you asked me.

The “programmers guide” is straight forward enough to follow. But that doesnt take away the fact the serial communication is finicky and buggy and unreliable. And its closed source nature means theres no room to improve its broken features.

But no hardware dev in there right mind would ever use a nextion device in a REAL industrial piece of equipment… Not something thats gone to market. And if they did… i wouldnt want to be anywhere near that equipment when its operating.

Believe it or not, somewhere on the other side of the Ural Mountains, there is actually a production of dishwashers which are fully controlled by a pic MCU and a 4.3“ enhanced Nextion.
Unfortunately I cannot reveal more details, as an external consultant I am restricted by contracts.

I’m no expert on dishwashers, but is this where we mention that Russia has the worst air safety record in the world?


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If only they used a robust and stable system for the instrument cluster… damn nextion when will your tyranny end.

It feels as though you’re operating under the assumption that Nextion, being used in industry, cannot also decide that they could make a few more dollars through quality fade. It happens in all sorts of markets, and the OP here has provided photographic evidence of this happening.

So, this isn’t about Nextion the device and its suitability to some task, it’s about Nextion (or TJC) cutting material costs without updating datasheets to indicate that the light output or viewing angle of the devices being sold today is not the same as what they were selling under the same part number a couple years ago.


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