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I need to power display with poe as well coomunicate with display using tcp/ip

I have a on going project where we are using Nextion display in that we need power up the system with Poe as well as it should receive signal through same cable . anyone have any idea on NA-01 POE Enabled UART To Ethernet Converter or any other alternative . i am fully new to Nextion Display please help on this …

Your easiest route would be to use a PoE separator to extract the power from the Ethernet cable, run it into a regulator to get required voltage, and connect the PoE-less Ethernet to a microcontroller with Ethernet support (Arduino family?). The micro would need a simple program to extract the TCP/IP data and convert it to TTL level serial for the Nextion.

thanks , Cant we use A Ethernet to TTL COnverter

Sure, I just went with lowest cost as most Ethernet to TTL adapters cost more than the clone Arduino boards that support RJ45 Ethernet. You will still need a PoE solution as, depending on switch/router you connect to, you can have up to 48-volts to deal with… most common regulators are only good to about 30-volts.

You might find solutions like this would be helpful. You get isolated PoE, an ethernet interface, and all the stuff an ESP32 does (which is a lot).

thanks luma .it is very useful

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