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HOWTO: Use TJC editor v0.55 for TJC panels in English

So, being a module that anyone reading this here would be installing into some larger device with other components… what good is that FCC approval? It doesn’t carry over to the finished product and doesn’t score you any brownie points when time comes for EMC testing, so… why do I care if the module itself is FCC approved?

When doing commercial products for Europe, US, or even Russia, obtaining CE, FCC, or other national approval for these is much easier and less costly when components and subsystems are already certified. Besides of that, why should I use a subsystem like TJC where everything is only in Chinese (website , documentation, editor, support) and where official authorized TJC dealers are only allowed to sell inside China mainland? All TJC displays sold outside China are thus grey market items - not the desired base for professional or commercial products.
Up to now, although reading and re-reading this forum, I couldn‘t find any rationale and reasonable argument for preferring TJC over Nextion for commercial products sold outside China.
A hobbyist might be appealed by the lower price of these grey market items, especially when importing these as a private without paying import duties and sales tax, but this little (and partly illegal) advantage is quickly eaten up by the lack of support and the wasted time struggling with the Chinese editor software or trying to apply wild patches.
BTW: Who is this Patrick?

I have no idea how EMC testing happens in Russia or EU, but how you’ve just described things is 100% false when it comes to the FCC. Having one or more components stamped with the FCC label doesn’t mean anything at all when time comes to send the device out for compliance testing. An individual module’s compliance certificate does not carry over to the completed product in any way, shape, or form.

The only folks worried about non-Chinese people using TJC panels are Nextion employees, as they have been adding a 100% uplift to the Chinese market products and who would presumably hate to see that pile of money go away.

Here, we don’t work for Nextion, so we don’t care too much about lining Nextion’s pockets with extra :dollar: just because we happen to be not-Chinese. That’s why.

What’s your interest in all of this? Why would you be so concerned about people experimenting with TJC panels for our own education and enjoyment?

My interest: Consulting the Eastern European (non-EU) market for many years, helping companies in developing high quality (western standard) products while optimizing the TTM (time to market). So, no time for education and enjoyment…
My concern here: Sharing my experience with other professionals from industry, helping them not repeating my beginner errors.

Man, if you don’t have time for your own education you aren’t going to make it long in this market but… sounds like you’re all-in on buying TJC instead of Nextion! I knew you’d come around…

There are many advantages of using TJC panels over Nextion:

  • New features are released for TJC way before Nextion does, like Anti-Aliased fonts
  • Nextion demands $$$ support tickets for stuff you get for free on TJC (and ban you from their forum for pointing that out)
  • TJC Editor has DataRecord, FileBrowser and FileStream objects, not available on Nextion 0.58
  • TJC Editor has UTF-8 support, Nextion Editor 0.58 has not
  • X3 & X5 panels were released long before Nextion Intelligent series
  • More choice in panel-sizes like 2.2" basic or 4.3" and 5.5" X-series (Intelligent) panels
  • Pricing, pricing and princing.
  • Not having to deal with Nextion support is also a huge bonus

The only drawback is the Chinese language barrier that is artificially introduced. But in an age of on-the-fly translation, even that barrier doesn’t hold up. And it only takes 1 developer to create/compile the TJC version of a project. From an HMI user standpoint, the editor language doesn’t mean a thing.

The popularity of this topic is a testament to the user-base looking for solutions to the Nextion problems and limitations they experience.


Have you compared TJC Editor and Nextion editors build .tft binary files content. So what is the difference as displays looks about a same. Is the only difference tft binaryfile checksum? So is there way to use Nextion editor and TJC display easily, as they now come out with new editor version…

I haven’t looked into the.tft files, but I’m guessing they are heavily check-summed and then locked in the firmware to either TJC/Nextion.

The .tft-files contains a virtual file system which again contains checksums for different parts of the file system. There’s also a checksum for the full file. I did start to look into editing the model number/files in a .tft-file, but it’s such a pain to work with, so I just didn’t want to use my time on it. It should be possible to substitute files inside the .tft-files and also swap between Nextion/TJC models as long as they share the same features and as long as all the checksums are updated.

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Did not read everything, just the part about CE and/or FCC.

Noone needs to care about that. If you use the Display together with a MCU and you want to sell that you have to to a complete CE / FCC Test again.
I did that, the labour told be that they do not need any CE certification of the Nextion because it does not matter. I sell it as a “bundle” together with the MCU and wires.

So a complete CE / FCC and EMC Test needs to be done.

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Hi smart guy, can you upload a 0.55 version that works with the patch somewhere. The one that is on their site does not work.
Thanks a lot.

Where I can find the USART HMI editor version 0.55 that it can be patched?
I ordered a Nextion 3,5 display and I received a TJC.
Thank you!

I’ve been able to get 0.57 translated through a .net dump. There are two files that you need: hmiform.dll and hmitype.dll. I haven’t tried on the later versions. How not to break the rules tho… any ideas?

I got the same for 0.58 from a link in this thread, but the post was removed PDQ to stop members getting hold of it

I think 0.58 is the last version that worked like this, and that later versions had files combined in the .exe at the request of Nextion, which put a stop to it

I don’t think the admins would object to you telling people how to do it, but I think any link to a download site to get the cracked version will be taken down as they don’t want the liability

For the screens I’ve been looking at, Nextion is actually cheaper than TJC at the moment - I can only reason that its supply and demand, and that TJC is busy supplying Nextion with most of their production - say what you want about Nextion, they do know how to market

Exactly correct. The DLL, hacked or not, is copyright TJC/Nextion, so we can’t post it here. They are for sure watching the forum and we have no intention of giving them reason to go after us legally.

Great forum by the way.

I had some luck finding a .57 patch on github if you search for USART and English.


Can you give me pls that version with English patch ?

Buying more than 100$ TJC display and unable to do something with them…
Where can I find the programming software ?
Best regards

The only legal way is using the corresponding TJC editor in Chinese language…

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