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How to use the Nextion´s eeprom 24C08?

HI, I want to save some datas in the memory 24C08 that has the Nextion Screen. What command can I use ?


There is a Nextion Sunday blog article with code example about that:

// Get stored values repo vaTemp.val,480 // EEPROM 480-483

// Write stored values
pageRose.t6.txt=“Text” // 6 characters max in this example. Allow 1 byte for each character +1
wepo pageRose.t6.txt,264 // EEPROM 224-231 –

I like to comment the length used. I also use a spreadsheet to store the used values. It’s currently using 1004 of 1024 available bytes :smiley:

With the EEPROM 8 bytes 32 bits get used for every entry, very wasteful when storing bytes or characters I found it much better to store in the flash as text but only good for something that does not change.

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