How to run pages in sequence

Hello guys, In a project that I’m doing I need to run some pages in sequence one upon another, to make an animation in sequence with Arduino, anyone knows how I can make the pages 5, 6, 7 and 8 of my project run in sequence in the Nextion Editor? Any tips? Thanks for the answers… :blush:

Put a timer on each page
When the timer expires, it calls the next page


This is part of my splash page, the very first page:

// Disable timer after timer expires (ie: use a one-time only timer)
// Move to main operating page after timer tm1 elapses
page main

After tm1 (3500 milliseconds) has expired, it will call a page called main.

This should steer you in the right direction, but more research, study and experimentation is required by you.

You can change background image in the same page to make an animation.
here some example: Nextion animation