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How to move controls to different x,y programmatically?

Hello friends,
Is there a way to move controls to different (x,y) coordinates? The attributes appear read only and I didn’t find any move command. The reason I need it is because I want to reuse set of secondary controls that become visible when user selects radio button. So instead of creating a set of controls for each radio button and hide it when radio button is not selected, I want to move the existing set around.

That depends on the capabilities of the Nextion HMI which you use. The T (Standard) and K (Enhanced) series do not allow changing the x and y attributes of components at runtime, while the P (Intelligent) series allow that. Since moving a component around is not only redrawing it in a new place, but also setting up a new touch trap zone, I think that this is just beyond the faculties of the simpler and cheaper models.

If you don’t want to go for a P display, you may also place your secondary controls on a separate page and pop this temporarily up after one of the radio buttons was clicked.


Спасибо, good idea for another scenario, but I would rather put additional controls on the same page.

Duplicate the page with the controls where you want them. Call that page when they select the radio button.

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