How to create circular bar / ring gauge?

I supposed to get my Nextion Enhanced sometimes soon, and thus has been learning and messing around with the editor, now.

What is the best method to make circular bar / ring gauge?

PictureBox FTW! and lots of pictures. Remember you don’t need a ton of images to make the effect look good. ie. Don’t create one image for each degree of movement. If you make an image for each 5% that’s only 20 pictures to cover 360 degrees. One for each 18 degrees of movement.

I’m waiting for my 7" TJC screen to arrive to do the same thing.

Also remember the screen only has 65K colors so those gradients may show some banding.

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@JumpMaster is right. But if you want to know that there is no need to make more images, just take your time and make 100 images of them, I know thats hard but after all that you know that there is no need to do anything else but just set the value.