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HMI file format

Has anyone tried to reverse engineer the HMI file format? I tried contacting them and asking if they where willing to share the file format, so i could write a open-source alternative for their buggy Editor - but they where mad for asking…

I really like the screens, but the screen editor is a disaster - i would love to rewrite a editor that would work alot better than what they have created, but i cant figure out the file format (dont have enough time after working hours) so if someone already found the fileformat, sharing would be great :smiley:

Hi @ERDesigns

Great to hear that you‘re motivated for such a big project. Having a better editor would be great.
The HMI file format is well understood. However, no public documentation exists so far. We‘re currently discussing internally if and how we should make it public.

In the meantime you could have a look at my open source Nextion2Text project. While it has no ability to write HMI files it is able to read them correctly. And not only that, it is also able to interpret the various component attributes and their dependencies. I went into the details of how this works in the following post: Convert Nextion to Text - #21 by Max

Kind regards,


Thank you - you did all the hard work already :smile: i will study your project, and try to write a parser myself! This will help me a lot - thank you very much :smile:


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