Hi, I need some help

Hi there, I ordered a Nextion 4.3" lcd, but I received an TJC lcd, and I’m new in this world, I cannot find the TJC editor, I would like some help plz!


Here you find 0.58 Version of the USART Editor:

Here is the latest i think.

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thanks a lot !! This will help me!

There seem to be more and more reports of users ordering a Nextion screen and receiving the TJC ones instead. Where did you buy your display @jppoeck?

If we can pinpoint where these fake Nextion displays are from, we can warn other users not to fall for the same scam…

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Nextion recommends to order here

In my case I always received Nextion LCD

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My Dealer in China sells directly out of the manufacturer.
Both are available there but TJC is half of the price.
I think a lot of reseller just see the money, buy TJC and sell it as Nextion (we know it is the same hardware :slight_smile: ) on ebay & co.

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Mine is from Aliexpress, the seller said it’s a nextion one, and bla bla blah. From now I will buy on iTead.

If it was sold as a Nextion screen, open a dispute and send clear pictures showing the Model number TJ instead of NX… You realy should ask for your money back, and if the seller refuses to settle then AliExpress should grant you a full refund.

These sellers need to be dealt with where it matters for them: reviews, sales and profit. That’s the only way to weed out the bad actors.

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yeap, I already did it, I’m waiting the dispute to be over, should be over soon.

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