Hexadecimal keyboard for MAC addresses

I’d like to share a page with hexadecimal keyboard which I use in my project for inputting MAC address. It is based on built-in Nextion keybdB page, I removed dot and minus buttons since they made no sense for MAC address, and added six A-F buttons instead.

It inserts colon separators between MAC octets automatically.

It should be called manually by assigning loadpageid.val and loadcmpid.val, then switching to keyboard page.

The target control should be Text with txt_maxl == 17 (12 hex digits + 5 separators).

I think it can be enhanced further by adding the feature to enable/disable the insertion of automatic separators, and maybe by making it work with Number controls to allow inputting numbers in hexadecimal notation.



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It’s funny I’ve been banned on official Nextion forum after posting similar topic there :slight_smile:

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Hey nice work @me21! And even better work sharing the results with us :stuck_out_tongue:

The keyboard fits nice on smaller screens (tested on a 2.7). Here’s what the keyboard looks like: