HASwitchPlate - Touchscreen scene controller for Home Automation

For about a year I’ve been working on the HASwitchPlate project. The project uses a Nextion 2.4" display mounted in a 3D printed enclosure that can be installed into a North American standard workbox in place of a switch. The project acts as a scene controller for the Home Assistant (and now OpenHAB) home automation systems.

The project uses a WeMos D1 Mini board which has an ESP8266 microcontroller. This provides WiFi connectivity for the project. The ESP8266 is using Arduino compatible code to act as a gateway between the MQTT IoT protocol and the Nextion instruction set, meaning you can send MQTT messages containing Nextion commands and they will be sent to the attached display. Commands sent by the display will be sent back to MQTT. This provides a way to use Nextion directly over WiFi with a common IoT protocol.

While the project is pretty tightly tied to Home Automation, the Arduino code should be usable for other Nextion-based projects as (for the most part) it simply acts as a bridge between Nextion and MQTT.

Links for more HASP info

Adding a link to the openHAB specific configuration :slight_smile:

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