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Growing tired of display limitations

Growing tired of the limitations of the Nextion display…
not bright enough
extremely restricted programming language(?)
screen orientation locked at run-time
too slow
can’t process images fast enough

I know it’s only an HMI and not a processor/display, but I want it to do more. :wink:

Wish list…
I could write an iOS app and use my iPhone/iPad for an interface and do all the programming/display using that hardware. But…I want a dongle to connect to external Arduino, RPI, etc. to handle simple electronics.

Screen orientation needs to be done using a accelerometer sensor connected to the MCU itself or an Arduino.
It needs to do complex coding to rotate everything where you want, it is not as easy as you think. About processing images fast enough, thats why the Intelligent/X5 series are for.
Not bright enough - common issue, buy a normal display and you are done.

What is a normal display, are there other than can communicate with my processor on two wire like the Nextions?

I don’t see any problem with the display, but the IDE is nearly useless. I’ve been writing all my code in a python editor and then pasting it in place. Is there a better way to write code for these devices? Is there a way to expand the code area so you are not only seeing three lines at a time?

You can drag the windows around to fit your needs:


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