Firmware Help needed

Hi all,

Just sent a firmware update from Nextion Editor to a NX3224T028 and bumped the USB out of my computer whilst it was updating.
It now won’t boot up and just displays a black screen, is there any way to load a fresh firmware on these boards? Any images for the STM chip around? :confused:

Have you tried uploading your project as a TFT via the card?

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yep… that worked… I feel dumb now… thankyou :slight_smile:

No need to feel dumb!
It’s happened to all of us, or it will.

Quick addition here for future readers. Sometimes if the device is f*cked up like this it refuses the microSD card even if that specific card worked previously with this screen. For some reason in this state the screen tends to reject known working cards. So be sure you try at least one additional card if the update fails.

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