Faulty 3.5" Enhanced NX4832K035_011

I’m assembling & testing some of my products, and have discovered that 3 out of the five 3.5" Enhanced Nextions are faulty.

These were purchased from Bangggood in early June.

The display displays things, so you’d never know by a casual look, but the EEPROM appear to have faulty memory locations.
ie; some of the data is not coming back after power cycling, as it should be.

A visual inspection does not reveal anything obvious nor different to the other 3.5" displays on hand.
No solder defects around the 24C08N or incorrect parts.
(Sometimes an SMT pick & place operator might load the wrong reel)

I have bought 26 of these displays over the last few months, and these are the first faulty ones I have encountered.

Anyone else received some bad “Enhanced” displays recently?

1.) Always purchased directly from Itead, never had problems.
2.) But it is known that sometimes, refurbished stuff is sold on other platforms, that’s why (see 1.)

Are there any authorized resellers of Nextion displays or should official sales only come direct from itead?