Expicture jpg not showing up

I have a picture stored on the sd card called 0.jpg It shows up on the editor in debug but not on the actual display. I can see it has the correct name and location because I added a filebrowser and the 0.jpg is there, but for some reason, it will not display. Thanks in advance if anyone has seen this


Never mind. There is something wrong with the image. When I put a stock image on the sd card and named it 0.jpg it loaded fine. Also, I took the image that would not display and opened it in paint. The image opened fine in paint so I am still a little confused. I resaved the image in paint and moved it back to the card and it worked fine. I noticed that the original image that I opened in paint was about 2K in size and the new one I got when I resaved as the same image went to about 5K in size. I am thinking that there is something that was missing from the file structure of the original file and resaving it in Paint added something to the file that made the Display better recognize it.