Ecran nextion fond écran

I have a problem that I would like to submit to you. it’s about a 7" nextion screen.
This is about my first page, I have an image that seems to be stuck in the nextion screen that I can’t delete. I can change the wallpaper but this photo always reappears even though it does not exist in my project. I have an error at the top left of my screen “SHOW PICTURE ERROR”. I can’t get out of this problem. The compilation of the project goes without error.
Thanks in advance.
Emmanuel F1ICT

Sorry to bother you like this.

Yes same problem with mine since the software and firmware upgrade today. Has anyone found a solution?

Can you install an older version?

Perhaps there are some sample programs compiled on an older version that could be installed.
Here’s a link to one of mine that was compiled before the latest update: RoseEngine_SpindleAndAxis/Nextion/7i at master · elfren/RoseEngine_SpindleAndAxis · GitHub

“Show Picture error” happened on 7” and 10” in v. 1.65.0 if Image quality setting wasn’t set manually and accordingly for full screen pictures in the picture resource pane to keep the size of the compiled resource below 500k.
V. 1.65.1 (released yesterday) fixes this.