Do Nextion HMIs "speak" Modbus/TCP?

I was wondering if I can communicate a NX8048T070 with a PLC using the Modbus/TCP protocol. If so, do I need any extra accessories? Is there any documentation for that? I could not find anything


The only communication protocol supported by Nextion is Serial. In order to communicate over Modbus/TCP, you’d need a little MCU in between which would to the protocol translation.

What kind of MCU I’ll need? Something like an arduino? I’m new in this subject, can you give me some more details please?

Thanks for the fast reply

That depends on your developing skills and experience in embedded systems. If you don’t want to reinvent the wheel, look out for a small dev board which has already a ready-to-use modbus library which will save you 90% of the work. But take care, most of the hobby market modbus libs support only RTU and thus require a RS485 interface shield. Only a few support TCP. It’s worth the time investigating before you decide for a platform.

I don’t know much about embedded systems, I’ve just started learning about industrial communications.
My application is pretty simple, all I need to achieve is to connect a PLC with this HMI using any industrial protocol to be honest (those devices will stay next to each other). Is there a more suitable protocol for this project?

Depends on the PLC. If it supports modbus/RTU, you can get away with a Max485 ic as interface to the Nextion and do everything else in Nextion code.

Yes, my PLC supports Modbus/RTU. I’ll give it a try then.

Thank you!

Nextion display give also possibility to talk directly with other devices using other kind of serial protocols, but they should be implemented by user in nextion gui.

Search for recmode=1 in nextion instruction set.

But you still need some serial converter, nextion has TTL Serial port

That’s good to know! I’ll stick to the TTL-Max485 conversion that Fjodor suggested for now, and if it doesn’t work I’ll try with other protocols