Do dark bckgrnd colors reduce current needed?

If I set the background.bco to 0 it turns it BLACK. If set to 65535, it’s WHITE. Does it use less power if the background is set to a darker color?

Have you considered breaking the +5V line and insert a multimeter in-line so you can measure the current?

If you pull an LCD panel apart, what you find is that there is a thin crystal see through part.
(Sometimes a touchsceen matrix on top of this)
Then this sits infront of reflective white paper, which has some LEDs along one edge which shine light to brighten up the entire area behind it like a softbox.

The colours on the screen are made by, the crystal panel reducing the white light down into a combination of colours or just down to black.

I am using a 500nit screen which means the nextion board cant supply enough power to feed it at full brightness. So I’ve actually got the backlight controlled completely seperately with a buck converter and a mosfet.

So no, unfortunately it does not reduce the backlight consumption by using a darker screen. Because you’re just blotting out more of the backlight.

However - if you design your screen so that it has a high contrast ratio, which by nature becomes easier to read in dark or bright conditions. You may find that a lower backlight amount is required in order to be just as readable.

If you have the touchscreen front cover still on, and you arent using any touchscreen features - take it off. These cause a massive amount of glare compared to the fairly matte finish screen thats underneath. There’s no loss of function by removing it, like, it doesnt throw error codes or anything.

I’ve done this on an Enhanced and a regular one.


Thanks guys. I am using it for touch purposes, so I won’t take it apart. Although I did undervoltage a 5" screen 2 days ago which destroyed it, so I may take that apart just to see what’s underneath.

I think I’ll just follow up with some good UI design. has some good design info.


Could you share your 500 nit screen and a diy on how you did it?