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Development setup, best way to do this, please advice?

I’m developing/running an application first on a PC/MacBook before putting it onto the Arduino. This is faster, it is easier for debugging. compared to each time download the application to the Arduino.

How can I connect the debugger in the Nextion IDE to the program running on the PC/MacBook? Should I use two serial ports and connect them to each other?

So the application on the PC/MacBook sends commands via the serial port to the 2nd serial port to which the debug Nextion application is connected?

The Nextion libraries provided are for the Arduino env. Could they also be used in a PC/MacBook command line application?

Is this the way to solve it? Or is there a different method?

Again, building a new application from scratch on a PC and easy/fast debug environment is easier and faster compared to each time downloading a slightly modified app into the Arduino.

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