Data Record on Nextion Intelligent Models

Hi, I’m using an intelligent Nextion HMI for the first time and am looking for some help on the Data Record function.

I’m sending a string to the data record every minute using a timer. When the page containing the data record is active, this works fine. However, when I move to another page it stops logging.

Is there a way to continue the data record when another page is active?


The short answer is no. While variable objects can be local or global, code execution, including the internal firmware code of some components, requires always that the component be loaded. And this is only the case when the containing page is active.

Thanks Fjordor, I kinda thought that may be the case.

I’ve managed to get around it by placing the data record on my main page and using the vis command to hide / show objects making it look like a page change. Actually works quite well…