Custom on-screen keyboard


It is possible to make on-screen keyboard automatically appear when user clicks on text control (“key” property of the control). There are three built-in keyboards in the list. Is it possible to create my custom on-screen keyboard and add it to the list?

Looks like it’s possible to copy the built-in one and call it manually by following the instructions in that page’s source code. But maybe there is a way to automate these actions, to make custom on-screen keyboard behave as built-in one?

Hi as logically you can improve your keyboard.I am tring to create a keybord because original keybord is so ugly.I will do as a page and transparancy and i save it. I hope that is usefull for you.

Would someone mind posting a pic(s) of what the onscreen keyboard(s) look like. I’ve no need to use them, but might some day in a future project.

Here is a screenshot of my Serial Monitor with the keyboard active: Reparse Protocol

But the keyboard is just another page in your project, so you can give it any appearance you like. Look at the built-in keyboards, you can view page source code to understand how it’s done.

Is there a built-in keyboard in Nextion? What command should I run to open it on the screen?

Use the .key attribute of a Text, Scrolling Text, xFloat or Number component. It will open after a click on the bound component.