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Crazy-ass things posted by Nextion Forum Admins


One of the fun parts of working with Nextion displays is the neverending stream of batshit crazy things posted by the Nextion forum admins.

I thought it would be entertaining to collect some of their writings here so the world can enjoy!


UN forum stud @hag posted a really nice thread about his kickass font editor, which caused all of the admins to come completely unglued. It seems that they are operating under the impression that reverse engineering a file format is illegal, but as @hag is in the EU it is specifically permitted under Article 6 of the Directive 2009/24/EC of the European Parliament. Similar interoperability exemptions exist in US law under the DMCA.

This is my favorite from chief idiot Gerry:

Let’s unpack this:

  • They claim that not publishing a license anywhere means they can just make up the rules as they go along.
  • They claim that reverse engineering a file format somehow “exposes” their closed source software.

And my personal favorite bit:

  • If you jerks keep this up we’re going to close up shop.
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Ah classic always a good laugh let em close it then we can talk to tjc what a joke :rofl::joy::rofl:


So when are the Chinese worried about IP rights . . . other than to steal IP!


Weirdly, it’s not the :cn: side of the business that’s kicking up all the fuss, it’s the English-language forum admins that appear to be the problem.

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What’s even funnier about the Nextion admins saying they’ll change the font format is the implication that they have anything at all to do with any part of the codebase, which is clearly not the case.


Let’s hope they make good on their threat of closing nextion down then we have more time for TJC


To the surprise of nobody, the Nextion Forum Admins just can’t help themselves from being… well being who they are.

UN user @keith here registered a few days ago, posting in a manner which we should all be familiar with. We can now 100% confirm that @keith is none other than our good friend Patrick Martin, misrepresenting himself here and trying to goad me into posting illegal content.

This is one thing I think we can all agree on @keith. Your code “sucked ass”, and removing it from distribution was probably doing everyone a favor.




I think we might have reached a resolution on our @keith situation…