Copyright notice from official software?

Did anyone else start getting a Copyright notice after the time change last week?

aaaand apparently I’m now banned from the official forums for mentioning it.

so I just did a test, switched PC to UTC, no error. switch it Central, error.

the software definitely has an issue. and they don’t clearly care about fixing it.

I had it. I uninstalled and downloaded from their site and reinstalled and it works again.

tldr, disable antivirus software while installing. then reenable antivirus software.

I experienced this problem and thought it related to changing the character count for a button. When I changed the parameter back, the problem still existed.

History. When I had installed the ‘new’ version of the software from their website, Windows Defender prevented the installation. When I clicked 'run it; WD
released the install. And that was what version I was using when the copyright notice appeared.

Reading their forums, they initially released a version that triggered this scary sounding warning after the user’s PC switched to DST. They first denied it, then started banning people who mentioned it, then finally released a fix to their buggy software.

In my experience it doesn’t do anything to detect a hacked version of the editor, it makes a copyright claim despite the code carrying zero copyright notices anywhere, and also apparently wasn’t tested well enough to catch things like the time change.

Zero for three there Nextion, looks about par for the course. Instead of spending your time trying to come up with stupid, non-functional protection measures, maybe TJC/Nextion could focus their efforts on product improvement…

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I’ve never hated a company more for their behavior, but very much like their product. I wish someone would develop a very competitive product display/software UI and put them out of business.