Conversion from checkbox value to value not working

Hi all, how are you?. I’m currently working in a project that has some options to repeat a process depending on the days of the week selected over the HMI, for the enabled days I’m using checkbox elements, as this elements are boolean ones then I’m transmitting them as one unique local variable on the screen where I’m doing the program, all but conversion to this variable from the checkbox is working, the variable that I’m using for transmitting the days of the week allways transmits zero.

The code that I’m using to convert the content of the checkboxes is

covx weekDay.val,wDaytxt.txt,1,2

the .val property of all the checkboxes no matter is are set to “0” or “1” and even when I check the checkboxes after I send it always weeDay.val appears to send zero, at least that is what appears in its respective position on the data stream, all the other characters are transmitted as they should.

So, what is this happening?.

NOTE: I’m using a NX4024T032.

Thanks in advance for the help.