Comments on Nextion forum deleted in minutes

I left a comment for a topic on the Nextion forums a few mins ago. Within minutes of posting, it was deleted. My my my they’re a bunch of hypersensitive snowflakes over there.

Ok, well now they’ve completely disabled my forum account. I’ve never experienced a group of guys so sensitive to getting their feelings hurt or putting up with any negative comments about their products. Sheesh!!

Same experience here. Only I didn’t complain about anything, I posted the same topic there and here. Apparently they don’t like alternative forums for their products :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:

And they can’t stand critics, no matter how beneficial the counsel might be that would potentially improve their end product. If there was a replacement product, I’d jump ship yesterday.

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Reason is easy.
They do nothing. No development, nothing.
Everything is done by TJC and their developers. Nextion is just a brand.
So if you have problems, they are not able to help. They have to go to TJC and ask them for support.

Thats why they are such fucking snowflakes haha :smiley:

What’s bothersome is that they have a ‘Community’ forum, yet when you get into it, they insist that it’s a “developers” forum and treat anyone with beginner’s ability like crap.

Welcome to the Nextion outcasts! Wear your badge with pride :slight_smile:
Anything you might have hoped to take away from the Nextion forum can also be found here… and then some.

Within this welcoming and helpful community of banned NX forum users, you have more HMI experience at your fingertips then the Nextion ‘support’ staff combined :smiley:

As a bonus, we don’t limit ourselves to Nextion, but endorse TJC, homebrew, etc.


At least from what I’ve read in these forums, it appears to be a ‘normal’ forum where fellow users are happy to support one another. We all need a helping hand once in awhile without being ridiculed or dismissed due to a lack of knowledge about programming.

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You nailed it, and it’s the reason we made this forum. We’re all learning more about these devices and we have a lot more to gain from sharing what we’ve learned. Thanks for jumping ship (OK, being shoved off the plank) and joining us here!

Welcome to our club. :slight_smile:

Same story

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you don’t even have to be negative, I’m now banned because of the copyright notice issue, I was even nice about asking what I can do about it.

seems just pointing out that there is an issue is enough.

If someone else were to replicate their product, complete with a GUI editor, they’d take over and the Nextion product would be history.