Command differences between TJC Nextion?

Hi Users

I now have 4pc 7" TJC8048X570_011C_Y displays from china.

The display have 128MB user space, comes with speaker circuit and speaker.

I have coded the displays and downloaded the code, all is ok.

But, there is always a but.

To access the 200 Pictures the code is “p0.pic=158” Nextion style
This do not work in TJC USART HMI debugger mode.

Does anyone have a clue? to what the right code is?


TJC code: pic 0,0,1 - show picture 1 start at coordinates 0,0
Nextion code: p0.pic=1 - show picture 1

I am a happy coder today.

Thats not the same command.

If you have allready placed a picture somewhere then you can change the picture with the command:
it change the p0 picture to picture 1
but if you have no picture in your HMI the command:
pic 0,0,1 will create the picture even if there is no HMI picture created by pressing the Picture button.

so pic 0,0,1 is the same also in nextion.

The p0.pic=1 do not work in my USART HMI 0.55 as it does in Nextion 0.55 for some reson.
the pic 0,0,1 then does what I want, I have 199 pictures I have to shift between.

Could you share your project files? To the best of my knowledge there is no command set different between the two environments.

pic 0,0,1 is different command which will draw duplicate of picture resource 1 on canvas at coordinates 0,0 while component.pic=1 sets the component’s pic property point to original picture resource 1.
If setting pic property makes no effect, try refresh component or report bug in editor.

If pic 0,0,1 just make a ram copy and show the picture that is usefull.
As long as I don´t fill the ram with junk when using 200 picture calls and then get ram overflow.