Cheap 7 inch possibility?

This display is designed for 3D printer manufacturers, but it could maybe be utilized?

This is not directly usable as a nextion replacement. I’m persuiing a similar project that can use generic hardware to to custom GUIs. However, it is currently based arount the ESP family of MCUs. This screen runs on the (very capable) STM32 chip.

So given a custom firmware, it can probably be made to do custom GUI’s, just not ‘out-of-the-box’.

Yes, I realized it would need some sort of custom editor, but for the price, the graphics look pretty good

These panels have some code on them already that allows the user to change button styles, color scheme, etc. but they come pre-designed with the menu system that 3D printer users are used to, so that would need to be cleaned out and the panel made a blank canvas