Changed from basic 3.2 to enhanced 3.5 and display no update fields

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My project is a bore pump controller with flow rate, pressure etc and touch screen to control the pump and change parameters. I had a 2 line LCD and upgraded to Nextion 3.2" touch.

I have been using a basic 3.2" Nextion display for some time and it has been working well. I needed another one to continue developing (as I left my prototype unit attached to the bore pump on the farm) so decided to purchase an enhanced 3.5" directly from Itead. From what I can find online, it should behave exactly the same, however it refuses to respond to any commands I send it from my (Microchip PIC) controller.

Is there some difference between the two of which I am unaware?

I connected to a PC and successfully uploaded my design, so I know at a basic level the display is functional. It powers up and shows my main page ok.

I hook up putty and I can see the commands coming from my controller on the Putty screen. I don’t see any response back on the Tx line (scope) at all if I touch the screen. I even modified my code just to send screen reset every 2 seconds but it doesn’t even reset. Baud rate is default at 9600.

I hesitate to try to log a support call given all the negative comments here about that process, so hopefully somebody can give me a clue as to what to try.


Since it uploads and starts the screen seems to be okay. Could it be that you haven‘t configures the screen to the right baudrate?

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Also verify the tx and rx lines have continuity between the Nextion and the pcb.
And the Nextion tx is connected to pcb rx.

Thanks everybody. I borrowed a display the same type and Voila!.. same issue. It seems that I had swapped Tx and Rx on the board and I must have put a crossover in the cable and forgotten.

Appreciate everybody’s response.

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