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There is a movie with Liam Neeson in it, can’t remember the name of it with the famous line “How could you possibly fuck that up” It reminds me of the Nextion product. It has all the potential in the world but no, it have to involve super assholes like the Patrick crowd which just sours the shit out of that particular product. It would be a dream come true if a real Company could make a similar product where you could actually get professional support, without childish wannabe little dictators trying to belittle everyone.


Was so pleased to find this web site. Like most of you I think this is a good product, but not a great product. I got so angry and had so many run ins with the Forum idiots that I totally went off Nextion especially after blowing up a larger size unit wth a reversed polarity…
I moved to using cheap cell phones and writing apps using B4a with WIFI or BT interface. Got everything I wanted on cell phones and tablets that are optimised for graphics, but you buy a lot aof baggage when you are just after a screen with the cell phone/tablet way… So interested in the TJC route… Thanks so much for setting up this site…

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Hi CNN sorry i realise this is rather late, ive actualy started reading thought his now…
Have you considered or did you move to FTDI EVE or now re branded Bridgetech EVE graphics co processors?

For a large scale project like the one you described I would build custom hardware from the ground up for that… You then have full control of what goes into your product. There are some limitations… youll have to design and write code for each widget. And the IDE for the opengl code generator is a bit clunky… But it works. and the final result is nothing short of amazing, for something being driven by a tiny micro…

The official Nextion forum admins just hit a new low. It’s hard to read this Nextion thread (login required) or mirrored here (no login needed).

The forum discussion ticks all the regular boxes:

  • Deflect the problem back to the end-user
  • Answer beside the point while ignoring the actual question
  • Insult the user with glee
  • Praise their product but provide horrendous supplier support
  • Scare a potential customer away
  • and more…

After seeing such horrible customer service any product manager should think twice about using a Nextion HMI in their design. Even if Nextion displays were the best thing since sliced bread, doing business with such unresponsive/stubborn/arrogant know-it-all admins is a huge risk to put into any end user product…

Sadly, a lot of technically-smart engineering people have absolutely zero people skills.
And they’re incapable of recognizing this shortcoming.

Both of them are probably on the spectrum, and therefore completely unsuitable to be directly engaging with end-users like this.

… but we already knew that here!

I’m glad I went to the effort of swapping over to a TJC for one of my products.
Took some time having to manually recreate the project in the USART Editor side-by-side with the Nextion Editor.

Bye bye Nextion.

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