Bitching about Nextion

UN forum user @keith rightly called us out for spending maybe too much time yanking the chains of the Nextion forum admins as they ramp up their efforts to stop what we’re doing here. To keep the technical conversations technical, I’d ask that we keep the Nextion forums commentary in this thread.

This next set of posts below was moved from the STM32F030C8T6 thread:

or our good friends at nextion can hand us the sources for our reading pleasure otherwise we will figure it out on our own and rub it in their faces

That’s presuming TJC would let those clowns anywhere near their source code. We’ve seen Patrick’s work with his hilariously awful font editor…

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Sorry. Is this place for only trashing the Nextion mods or is it for real and fair assessment to further Nextion/TJC? If you have used the Nextion font generator, it shrunk W and M or any letter that was too wide became more short. Font Generator 3, or Sergio’s Editor did not do near what Patrick’s did. Like him or not, like his Editor or not, when fair did more than Sergio’s and more than Nextion’s.

Or if we are down with being real, then Patrick’s editor doing pictures, icons , custom languages sucked ass.


Sure, you can do both. What I liked about his Font editor was the ability to extract fonts from other projects. In my opinion, that deserves props, no one else’s touched that. Did you know his editor did this, or is it a trash only policy. I think props should be given where they are owed, or not.

Well, he was the only one with access to the actual font format specification, so of course his editor should be the most feature rich. The whole point is that he used his position to make a profit for himself and belittling everyone else in the process. Let’s just keep it technical guys.

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My larger problem with his efforts there is the runaround he gave to anyone trying to access it, and last I knew he is no longer distributing it at all. Dude is just hard to work with, and it’s hard to come to a point where one can even appreciate his work through all the bluster and posturing. I don’t need to like the guy to appreciate his work, hell I still listen to Kanye West on the regular. I do however need to be able to download the tool to use it, and now that they’ve landed on a pay-to-play scheme it doesn’t sound likely that any further work is going to happen on that tool.

I’d go check the forums to see if a version is still posted there (last I knew it wasn’t), but I’ve apparently been banned sometime in the last week or so. I hadn’t posted recently, so one can only presume it is in reaction to this here forum.

Maybe Patrick and Gerry et al can join up and tell us their side of things. Unlike them, I appreciate the free and full exchange of ideas, and I won’t be deleting their posts or editing their words which I don’t like to say things I do like. Outside of flagrant abuse of the system, we’re going to keep a pretty light hand on moderation around these parts.

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Uh it would be nice to get both of em here so they can explain their side without edits


That was funny, but I picture I’d be more of a Squidward
perhaps some semblance of intelligence in Bikini Bottom.


@luma, you say an unedited forum? You guys are just as bad as they are. So stop messing with my avatar just because I give props for some of their work doesn’t mean that I become your target to bully around.


Mebbe some cheese with that whine?

Just so anyone else reading this thread understands: this guy is confirmed to be one of the Nextion forum admins we’re complaining about, pretending to be somebody else. It’s exactly this kind of jackass BS that we’re talking about, presented here for everyone to see. He lies about who he is, and when called on it in PM (with incontrovertible proof), continues to lie and then piles on empty, pointless threats. This individual is the sole proprietor of the organization holding rights for Nextion distribution, so this sort of behavior isn’t coming from some random employee - it goes all the way to the top.

His fake account has been banned for engaging dishonestly. If “keith” would like to come back as an actual user to discuss his systems like a normal adult, we’re happy to have him back, but he’s gotta quit with the stupid lies. We’ve seen it before, it’s super transparent, and nobody is fooled.

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When you speak about Patrick and Gerry, are you referring to the two admins managing Nextion enhanced support?
Well let me put it this way, they are not the nicest or most humble persons I’ve tried doing business with and not acting like professionals.
In fact, they are acting more like as if they where kings in the kingdom of Nextion.
Sad thing since the Nextion Display is a good initiative…


The same. Patrick is listed as the owner of Nextion Distribution so he’s more than just the forum admin. This sort of ridiculous behavior comes from the top.

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I like when someone who is not as advanced asks about a code example. They complain and says WE DON’T HAVE TIME TO TEACH EVERYONE HOW TO CODE then go on a 6 paragraph rant with code examples and littered with snarky comments. Maybe they need the touch of a woman?

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Wow, well that explains the “account disabled” I received after a dispute with Patrick.

We wanted to buy Enhanced fonts support and have been ready to do so from the beginning of our project.

After a few replys back and forth, and us feeling frustrated not being able to receive the help we needed, Gerry left our errand to Patrick who blew us off, saying that if we paid them and asked nicely then MAYBE they would help us.

I guess that the first time he got really upset was when we wrote that we were more than happy to pay for premium support. Then he started whining about that the price they ask for helping people with enhanced font was less than a European IT-specialist make in an hour of work! Also saying: do you think we will become rich from selling enhanced support?!

What we needed was the font-quality that can be generated in USART 0.55 but mentioning that made him go totally bananas and he started writing things about TJCs uncertified HW and worthless buggy SW. Well after us having mentioned TJC/USART he declared all confidence in our relationship had been lost.
If they didn’t want to support us or if they couldn’t support us we don’t know for sure. At least they disguised it as “to show you that we don’t need your money we’ve decided not to help you, good bye”

Now we have to find another display manufacturer and remake all of our display functions and Itead loses a otherwise guaranteed 75.000USD deal each year… But I guess Patrick doesn’t care since Itead are just reselling the Nextion display, is that correctly understood?

ps. It would be lovely if it was possible to re-program the Nextion display to accept compilations from the USART software…


Lol He’s just a dumb fuck

he’s reselling the same TJC panels with slightly modded firmware to suit his needs and TJC is making his software …

you should have seen how fast he got on to them to obfuscate the files and combine em in the exe file

If you got those conversations where he bashed TJC you can either post em here or send em to TJC for their viewing pleasure :stuck_out_tongue:

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