Backlight current limiting resistor

Does anyone know which one is the current limiting resistor for the backlight?


Need to make it brighter. Barely readable outdoors.

Or is there a panel that is around 500nits with the same pinout i can solder on this board?

There is no single resistor, the backlight is driven by a onboard SMPS which is PWM driven with the help of the dim and dims variables.
Normally, the backlight and its power supply, the native LCD contrast, and the thermal coefficient of the glass carrier substrate form a kind of a winning team and you can’t change just one member. More backlight alone will heat up the glass more and risks to reduce the contrast because the dark pixels will be brighter, too.
Better define the specifications of your project beforehand, then check the data sheets and decide if the Nextion suits or not before you buy.

Thanks for the explanation. Didn’t understand before why some say backlight increase won’t work.

Regarding contrast, no problem as long as it’s more readable. My old phone did this same thing, under direct sunlight it goes above normal max brightness and washes out screen, but also makes it readable.

Yup checked specs/projects prior. This is the closest screen that would work. Refresh rate, interface and startup speed. If this doesn’t work, next option would be 7" board (and maybe 5") with known compatible 7" and 9" sunlight readable screen (just prefer the 3.5" due to size, but even a 9" would work)

You might also consider adding a (for example 3D printed) piece for shading the Nextion…