Attention any potential investors in Nextion

Hello All,
First of all, thank you to the brave souls that took the time to create this forum. I found this forum while researching the (now) poor quality of the display. The narrow viewing angle is a real concern for my application. The excellent quality of smartphone displays has really up the ante for what users expect from displays. The Nextion display quality looks quite old school.

I consider the discussion surrounding the lack of transparency with Nextion as a warning.
I am a freelancer, and I have advised my client that we need to phase out Nextion and move to a fully custom display solution this year (2021)
I was also considering adding Nextion displays to my skill set, but since I cannot recommend them for production, I don’t see much point in it.

*** Attention Investors, Angels, and VCs***
It appears that the current management does not deserve your support because they have tarnished their brand in outside China by reducing quality and not allowing for open discourse. These are the kind of business practices to be avoided.

  • Anonymous MSEE

Reduce quality, increase prices, and do everything you can to piss off your entire customer base.

It’s like a business school class on opposite day.

I guess that a part of what appears to be a conflict, might be caused by a culture gap between China on one side and Europe/US on the other side. China‘s industrial development took about 50 years in turbo mode, while in Europe, people went slowly from an artisanal tradition to industrialization over a period of 500 years. But our today‘s artisanal production in small and customized batches by makers, startups or even the famous German „Mittelstand“ who order parts in tens or dozens is widely unknown in China. As long as you don’t order your electronic components by thousands, you are not taken for serious. Itead/Nextion is still on the better side of these companies, since they are ready to sell single items or small batches - others don’t.

BTW: Scanning the social networks, you might find that the P series intelligent display retail prices will soon be lowered. And they announce new models…

As far as I am aware, Nextion as a company is solely targeting US/Europe regions. The culture gap with China is irrelevant for a company that proclaims to be “servicing” Western customers. Implying Nextions excuse for its crappy customer service is “the Chinese culture gap” indicates they have their priorities wrong…

If we want to deal with the Chinese culture we can certainly order TJC displays from aliexpress or superbuy. For large 1000+ orders there is no need to use Nextion as you can probably get OEM services from TJC or Itead as well. Or just develop a custom solution where you can keep a tight grip on all aspects of the production process, like @AnonymousMSEE is doing, to avoid quality fade.

By selling into Western markets, Nextion should be aware of the maker space, upstart companies and German „Mittelstand“. They willfully ignore/alienate this customer base, as the OP rightfully noticed. This has been going on for years, without any noticeable upside.

The P-series, while a nice display, does not change the fact that the company is not a reliable partner nor their support history. X5 displays are probably way cheaper, even after the lowered RRP… Also, some projects require a good 2.4" display and 10.1" is just not feasible.

The HMI market is moving at a rapid pace and Nextion is certainly not the only company producing UI touchscreens.