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Anti-Aliased fonts, available now! (Kinda...)

This is a fun quote from the dear leader of the Nextion support team:

So, $125 per size, and then let’s add a $125 “motivate me” fee because FUCK YOU THAT’S WHY.

I downloaded the 0.55 release from the Chinese website and Defender detected Trojan:Win32/Spursint.F!cl. Not sure if this is a false positive or not, but I’m not taking the chance on my work computer.

That’s a good point I probably should have brought up - VirusTotal shows the installer as likely to be clean (1 hit out of 69), and the extracted executable comes back clean, but Windows Defender doesn’t like it. TJC is a legit outfit, I don’t expect any shenanigans from them but as always… proceed with caution.

Yes, I think it’s a false positive too. I checked the file hash on VirusTotal and that actually came back clean for all engines.

well i think it’s more what it tried to do afterwards i think it tries to use a hidden link to download or execute something else

I’ve scanned the install folder, nothing comes up. The installer extracts another executable (which is often how this stuff works), and that executable is what is triggering the alert. Again, TJC isn’t likely to want to be dropping viruses on their customer systems, so I don’t think it’s a legit issue, but again use caution. I ran the installer on a scrap VM, scanned the resulting install, then moved the installed folder over to my dev system.

yeah i installed the version you gave me and nothing came up ima get on to eset to have a look at it and if its a false positive fix it so it don’t get detected no more

Some additional observations after deeper review of the TJC editor:

  • The editor codebase is the same for both products. Both languages are cooked into the code, and it’s a simple function call to determine if the UI will be in English or Chinese
  • It’s becoming increasingly clear that TJC is running the show. The product is 100% TJC, from the firmware, editor software, and hardware perspective. Nextion licenses the product and sells for worldwide distribution under their name. The Nextion support staff will have you believe that they are somehow involved with development - they are lying.
  • There is an English-language Nextion 0.55 editor ready to go and presumably being tested. Test versions are available for download but I don’t think I can link it here. Anti-aliased fonts work, and no AV alerts are triggered.
  • There may be an avenue to get the TJC editor working in English, allowing one to use an English editor and flash to TJC panels (which, again, are 50% the price of the Nextion panels but otherwise identical)

It’s now possible to use the TJC editor in english, with TJC panels. More info here: HOWTO: Use TJC editor v0.55 for TJC panels in English

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I found a way to use Nextion panel with TJC editor 0.55, and i downloaded succesfully a project with the new anti-aliased font on it.

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Any details on this? Would you maybe have a chance to jump on our Discord and talk about the approach?

Have my Nextion now with AA on the run3d4a63f9-33ca-457d-a913-a932e2d461df
Here without 230c69de-8a57-4c52-83a6-9d499a3f4c2f

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Looks fantastic!
How did you do that?

if you want, write a PN to me

Great news. Well I can’t PN yet, but I’m interested in solution.

This is my little nextion project

Looks nice. Is this interface with ODBII?

No it is over can-bus

:star_struck: WOW! That looks great @bl00dh0und4!

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Incredible! Beautiful!

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