Always show transferred values even after changing pages

As a beginner I have a problem with my Nextion 3.5 inch display.
I’m sending data from Nodered to a progress bar on page 1.
If I select the 2nd page on the display and switch back to page 1, the Progress bar has its value from commissioning again.
Can the display not save the data sent (variable ??) and the progress bar fetches the data from there.
In any case, I always want to have the last data sent displayed, even after changing pages.
Have already tested with variables, unfortunately without success.

Many Thanks

Hi @pinie_pinie an welcome!

This behavior is expected because all components are „local“ by default. This means that their value is discarded every time you leave the page. To make it persistent you need to change the vscope attribute to global. This keeps the component and all of its properties inside the RAM even if you leave the page. For most not-too-complex HMI projects this works fine. But of course, if you have lots of components you may run out of RAM and need to be more careful about what you make global or not.

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tested it and it works great.
Thank you for your support.