9" 500nit screen on 7" Nextion enhanced board

Hi, thought I might share some details that could be handy.

I had a 7" Nextion board but wanted a little bigger, and also a brighter backlight.

So I checked the ribbon cable type on the 7" and it’s a 50 pin connection that’s the same as the 9" AT090TN10 screen which is the same resolution.

So took a punt and yes it works!

Only catch is it needs the backlight to be powered externally as the nextion cant provide enough current at full blast.

Using this as a dash in an 80s car hence the monochrome sort of look.

In order to get anti aliased fonts and the quickest possible response times I’ve made each set of characters a bitmap set, and if a number changes from say 495 to 496 it will update just that one digit to save pixel writes.

I’m using a mosfet to control screen brightness from a Teensy 3.6 and using averaged results from an LDR to do some automatic brightness adjustment which works rediculously well.

I’ve just bought a 10.1" Nextion Intelligent Series screen and hopefully a few of the features make my life a bit easier.
Currently I’ve got alarms which change the font colour which currently means I need seperate bitmaps in the different colour. Where as now I can dynamically change the font colour as I please. And transparencies will make my life a lot easier for having things overlap at the edges a bit and look a bit nicer.

Hopefully with the new screen the pixel write speed is a little higher.
Does anyone know if it is? I’d assume so with the higher processing speed.


In the car… Even with sun setting down over your shoulder can read the screen great in all conditions.

One of the big things though was taking off the touchscreen surface, this is super glossy compared to the matte finish of the actual screen. Otherwise it’s horrible.


Curious how you are powering the back light onto the screen? I soldered wires onto the board, is that how you are doing it?

Desoldered the backlight wires from the ribbon cable, then ran them to a seperate power supply.

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Nice work
I’m struggling to build a tft dash for my bike, but I can’t find a way to clear rpm signal
how do you get your values?

I used a 4.3 screen with 550 nit, but on standard back light power there is little difference

Which wires are the backlight wires? I don’t imagine they’re the same for all their boards…are they?