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7inch basic firmware

Hi all,
Does anyone have a dump of the stm32 from a 7 inch basic screen?
I have an early model that failed on its first use after apparent successful update from the sd card.
Display is non responsive now. It wont read the sd card and nextion software will not connect connect to it (device=null).
I can read the stm32 from the jtag header so would like to reflash it and see if i can recover it.

There are 2 components of the flash process the STM32 and the Serial Flash.

When you update from an SD or over Serial you are reprogramming the Serial Flash not the STM32 the Flash however contains serial number data checksums etc if these get corrupted the Screen will not operate a Flash image transplant will fix your problem but in order to reprogram it you need to do one of the following

Boot the STM32 using JTAG and setup a loader for data transfer to the Serial Flash (Some example loader are provided for some STM chips)

Remove the Serial Flash and flash it directly (Can be done using an arduino or programmer)

The later one is probably easier as it will require 0 knowledge about writing loading code for the STM32

Hi pudrik,
Thanks for the info.
I’ve got no problem programming the serial flash, I would probably remove it to program it just to be sure I had done it correctly.
Any idea where I can find a dump of the chips?
I’ve been looking around the net for quite a while and so far not found it anywhere.

Sorry dont have any good source and i only have 3.5" screens so i cant make a dump myself.

Greetings! I have a problem with the firmware. Is it possible to remove the firmware for 3.5 inches? Thanks in advance!

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