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1.63.3 Destroys performance on T043 series display & bricks serial

So we’re having some major problems here with the latest flavor of Nextion editor.

The last version I installed was 1.61.2 - I had a customer though approach me and say that he is getting an error “version too low” when trying to upload on his Basic T043 display. I upgraded the editor to the latest version (1.63.3) and compiled my file. It proceeded to put my display in a boot loop first, then after several unpluggings I can get it to boot, but the screen is extremely laggy - it seems that the serial data is very sporadic as well, I can’t connect to it through serial to upload. The connections are good.

I can revert back to the old firmware by tricking it into thinking it failed an SD update. With the firmware from 1.61.2 everything works fine.

This happened with 1.63.1, 2 and .3

Any ideas?



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Yep, had the exact same issue.

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